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Post Tensioning Institute:

AuthorsWollmann, Gregor P; Roberts, Carin L;
PublisherPost tensioning institute
Published Year2000
Nomor Panggil624.21.095.3 (047.31) PTI a
Deskripsi Fisik46 p.
Judul Seri Post-tensioning manual, sixh edition
AbstrakPost-tensioning of concrete requires the introduction of large, concentrated tendon forces into structures. To appreciate the magnitude of these forces, consider a typical bridge tendon with 19-152 mm (0.6 in.) strands. The jacking force for such a tendon may reach close to 4,000 kN (900 kips). This is equivalent to the weight of twelve HS 20-44 trucks Often several long tendons are anchored in a closely spaced group (Fig. VIII-2). A significant amount of spring energy is stored in such tendon groups which would be released suddenly in case of tendon anchorage failure. As an example, the spring energy stored in four 19-152 mm strand tendons of 200 In length istheoretically sufficient to launch an HS 20-44 truck over a seven-story building. Lokasi: Rak Penelitian 2 (Kode: PTI-011)
Klasifikasi624.21.095.3 (047.31)
ISBN / ISSN1931085013
AuthorsWollmann, Gregor P; Roberts, Carin L;
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