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Geopolymer Composite for High Temperature Exposure :

AuthorsAbdullah, Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri; Razak, Rafiza Abdul; Yahya, Zarina;
PublisherLambert Academic Publishing
Published Year2012
Nomor Panggil628.511.137 ABD g
Deskripsi Fisik1-67.;p
AbstrakGEOPOLYMER COMPOSITE FOR HIGH TEMPERATURE EXPOSURE describes about basic geopolymer process, chemical reaction and the behaviour of fly ash-based geopolymer when expose to high temperature. Different important factors (e.g. NaOH molarity, activator-to-fly ash ratios, curing condition, etc.) influencing the processing of the fly ash-based geopolymer were investigated. These experimental results are utilized to propose a new method for geopolymer cement processing and the design of geopolymer concrete mixtures. Experimental data on the characterization and properties of the geopolymer cement and concrete are then presented. Final part of this book also describes the impact of the mechanical treatment (Ball milling), elevated temperature on the properties of fly ash geopolymers, geopolymer refractory material and the application of these geopolymers as lightweight materials. Lokasi: Ruang Koleksi Umum Rak: 4
ISBN / ISSN9783848406852
AuthorsAbdullah, Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri; Razak, Rafiza Abdul; Yahya, Zarina;
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