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Road Materials and Pavement Design (Vol.20, issue 5, 2019)

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Daftar Isi "Road Materials and Pavement Design" (Vol.20, Issue 5, 2019)

1. Effect of geogrid reinforcement on the flexural behaviour of concrete pavements
  Abbas S. A. Al-Hedad & Muhammad N. S. Hadi
2. Cyclic stress–strain behaviour of soft clay under traffic loading through hollow cylinder apparatus: effect of loading frequency
  Qi YangYiqun TangBin Yuan & Jie Zhou
3. Comparison of asphalt mixture specimen fabrication methods and binder tests for cracking evaluation of field mixtures
  Jo Sias DanielMatthew CorriganChristopher JacquesRasool NematiEshan V. Dave & Ashton Congalton
4. The characterisation of three-dimensional texture morphology of pavement for describing pavement sliding resistance
  Yuanyuan WangZhiqiu YangYanyan Liu & Lu Sun
5. Experimental study on monotonic and fatigue behaviour of polypropylene fibre-reinforced roller-compacted concrete with fly ash
  Pramod Keshav Kolase & Atul K. Desai
6. Comparisons of asphalt pavement responses computed using layer properties backcalculated from dynamic and static approaches
  Dandan CaoYanqing ZhaoWanqiu LiuYuhua Li & Jian Ouyang
7 Sweep test protocol for fatigue evaluation of asphalt mixtures
  Ivan Isailović & Michael P. Wistuba
8. Development of a smartphone app and device to reduce tack coat tracking
  David CoveyErdem ColeriAiman Mahmoud & Natasha Anisimova
9. Effect of glass fibre grids on the bonding strength between two asphalt layers and its Contact Dynamics method modelling
  Loba SagnolJuan Carlos QuezadaCyrille Chazallon & Markus Stöckner
10. Modification of bitumen binder by the liquid products of wood fast pyrolysis
  Sergey ZabelkinGuzeliia BikbulatovaAndrey GrachevVladimir BashkirovSergey BurenkovAlexander Makarov
11. Steps towards the detection of reclaimed asphalt pavement in superpave mixtures
  Xiomara Sanchez & Susan L. Tighe
12. Experimental analysis of thermal conductivity of semi-rigid base asphalt pavement
  Xili YanLin ChenQinglong You & Qiang Fu
13. Stabilisation of soils with emulsified sulphur asphalt for road applications
  Gamil M.S. Abdullah & Hamad I. Al-Abdul Wahhab
14. Mechanical properties and microstructure of magnesia–fly ash pastes
  Dongxing WangHongwei Wang & Shengjie Di

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