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Road Materials and Pavement Design (Vol.19, issue 8, 2018)

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Daftar Isi "Road Materials  and Pavement Design"  (Vol.19, issue 8, 2018)

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1 A new approach for determining resilient moduli of marginal pavement base materials using the staged repeated load CBR test method
  Hamed Haghighi, Arul Arulrajah, Alireza Mohammadinia & Suksun Horpibulsuk
2 A study of top-down cracking in the state of Oregon
  Md S. Rahman, Joseph H. Podolsky, R. Christopher Williams & Todd Scholz
3 Adhesion properties of warm-modified bituminous binders (WMBBs) determined using pull-off tests and atomic force microscopy
  Duraid M. Abd, Hussain Al-Khalid & Riaz Akhtar
4 Analytical solutions of asphalt pavement responses under moving loads with arbitrary nonuniform tire contact pressure and irregular tire imprint
  Zejiao Dong & Xianyong Ma
5 Application of attenuated total reflectance Fourier transform infrared (ATR-FTIR) and principal component analysis (PCA) for quick identifying of the bitumen produced by different manufacturers
  Kang Wang, Ye Yuan, Sen Han & Huaidong Yang
6 Development of a wireless field tack coat tester to evaluate in-situ tack coat performance
  Aiman Mahmoud, Erdem Coleri, James Batti & David Covey
7 Asphalt binder adsorption by aggregates: a microscopic study
  Ravichandra R. Deshpande & Animesh Das
8 Elastoplastic framework of relationships between CBR and Young’s modulus for granular material
  Cristhian Mendoza & Bernardo Caicedo
9 Evaluation of recycled asphalt pavement using economic, environmental, and energy metrics based on long-term pavement performance
  Feng Hong & Jorge A. Prozzi
10 Introducing a soybean oil-derived material as a potential rejuvenator of asphalt through rheology, mix characterisation and Fourier Transform Infrared analysis
  Mohamed Elkashef, Joseph Podolsky, R. Christopher Williams & Eric W.Cochran
11 Key parameters controlling dynamic modulus of crushed reclaimed asphalt paving–powdered rock–Portland cement blends
  Nilo Cesar Consoli, Eduardo Pasche, Luciano Pivoto Specht & Mateus Tanski
12 Mesoscale experimental procedure and finite element analysis for an indirect tensile test of asphalt concrete
  Jun Fu, Jie Liu, Xiaoqiang Zhang, Li Lei, Xiaodong Ma & Zhihong Liu
13 Predicting thermal cracking of asphalt pavements from bitumen and mix properties
  Bagdat Teltayev & Boris Radovskiy

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