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Sustainable Engineering Practices in a Digital Economy.

Create: 25-08-2016

Kahler, D. (2013)
Green Streets, Highways, and Development 2013. Reston: ASCE, 2013, pp. 442-450
ISBN: 9780784413197

Traditional civil engineering practice methods are focused on publishing analog construction documents to support project delivery. Even with most internal processes being fully digital, most of the time and energy spent in engineering is consumed by the preparation of analog plans and specifications instead of the design itself. These documents then have to be reverse-engineered by digital-capable contractors for estimating, bidding, layout, and construction. A 2004 NIST report estimates that 40-60% of all engineering effort is consumed managing nointeroperable analog information. To produce a truly sustainable built environment, engineers need to be able to simulate multiple design options within traditional budgets. This will require eliminating the cost of producing traditional analog documents and delivering the digital design information directly to contractors and other stakeholders. This paper will focus on the need for, and recent prototyping of, new practice philosophies that support engineering management and project delivery in a fully digital world.


Anita Rahmawati