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Journal of Transportation Engineering Part A: Systems (Vol.144, issue 9, 2018)

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1 Applicability Analysis of an Extended METANET Model in Traffic-State Prediction for Congested Freeway Corridors
  Xu Wang; Derek Yin; and Tony Z. Qiu
2 Best Paper Awards
  Chris Hendrickson
3 Beyond Standard Zonal Congestion Pricing: A Detailed Impact Analysis
  Omid M. Rouhani
4 Comparison of Speed Control Bumps and Humps according to Whole-Body Vibration Exposure
  Ufuk Kırbaş; and Mustafa Karaşahin
5 Estimation of U-Turn Capacity at Median Openings
  Smruti Sourava Mohapatra; and Partha Pratim Dey
6 Evaluating Measures of Effectiveness for Quality of Service Estimation on Two-Lane Rural Highways
  José Elievam Bessa Jr; and José Reynaldo Setti
7 Shockwave-Based Queue Length Estimation Method for Presignals for Bus Priority
  Yunyi Liang; Zhizhou Wu; Jinyang Li; Fuliang Li; and Yinhai Wang
8 Saving Lives through Faster Emergency Unit Response Times: Role of Accessibility and Environmental Factors
  Loukas Dimitriou; Dimitrios Efthymiou; and Constantinos Antoniou
9 Prediction of Track Deterioration Using Maintenance Data and Machine Learning Schemes
  Jun S. Lee; Sung Ho Hwang; Il Yoon Choi; and In Kyum Kim4
10 Overtaking Disturbance on a Moped-Bicycle-Shared Bicycle Path and Corresponding New Bicycle Path Design Principles
  Xiaohong Chen; Lishengsa Yue; and Hui Han
11 New Framework for Automatic Identification and Quantification of Freeway Bottlenecks Based on Wavelet Analysis
  Ruimin Ke; Ziqiang Zeng; Ziyuan Pu; and Yinhai Wang
12 Multiconstrained Timetable Optimization and Performance Evaluation in the Presence of Travel Time Noise
  Konstantinos Gkiotsalitis; and Nitin Maslekar
13 Modeling Highway Performance under Various Short-Term Work Zone Configurations
  Ossama E. Ramadan; and Virginia P. Sisiopiku
14 Modeling External Trips: Review of Past Studies and Directions for Way Forward
  Syed F. A. Baqueri; Muhammad Adnan; and Tom Bellemans
15 Modeling Duration of Lateral Shifts in Mixed Traffic Conditions
  Gowri Asaithambi; and Jibin Joseph
16 Identifying Bottlenecks in Roadway Networks in Hurricane Evacuation
  Weike Lu; Feng Wang; Lan Liu; and Guojing Hu
17 Evaluating the Operational Footprint of Alternative Diamond Interchanges
  Most Afia Sultana; Andrew Tarko; and Mario Romero

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