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Journal of Transportation Engineering Part A: Systems (Vol.144, issue 8, 2018)

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Daftar Isi "Journal of Transportation Engineering Part A: Systems"  (Vol.144, issue 8, 2018)

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1 Using On-Board Diagnostic and Global Positioning System to Price Emissions from On-Road Heavy-Duty Vehicles
  Yizheng Wu and Daniel Sperling
2 Surrogate Safety Assessment of Work Zone Rear-End Collisions in a Connected Vehicle Environment: Agent-Based Modeling Framework
  Harith Abdulsattar; Alireza Mostafizi; and Haizhong Wang
3 Recurrence Theory–Based Platoon Analysis under Indian Traffic Conditions
  Mohamed Badhrudeen; Lelitha Vanajakshi; Shankar C. Subramanian; Anuj Sharma; and Helen Thomas
4 Policy Implications of Work-Trip Mode Choice Using Econometric Modeling
  Muhammad Irfan; Ahmed N. Khurshid; Muhammad B. Khurshid;Yasir Ali; and Aemal Khattak
5 New Microscopic Dynamic Model for Bicyclists’ Riding Strategies
  Xiao Liang; Meiquan Xie; and Xudong Jia
6 Multiscale Vehicular Expected Crashes Estimation with the Unnormalized Haar Wavelet Transform and Poisson’s Unbiased Risk Estimate
  Samer W. Katicha and Gerardo W. Flintsch
7 Maintenance Scheduling for Railway Tracks under Limited Possession Time
  Cuong Dao; Rob Basten; and Andreas Hartmann
8 Deviation between Actual and Shortest Travel Time Paths for Commuters
  Wenyun Tang and David M. Levinson
9 Comparison of Public Transport Network Design Methodologies Using Solution-Quality Evaluation
  Zain Ul Abedin; Fritz Busch; David Z. W. Wang; Andreas Rau; and Bo Du

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