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Journal of Transportation Engineering Part A: Systems (Vol.144, issue 7, 2018)

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1 Validation of an Outdoor Coast-Down Test to Measure Bicycle Resistance Parameters
  Simone Tengattini and Alexander Bigazzi
2 Uncertainty Propagation Assessment in Railway-Track Degradation Model Using Bayes Linear Theory
  Mohd Haniff Bin Osman and Sakdirat Kaewuruen
3 Tabu Search Strategies for Variable Speed Limit Control at a Lane Drop Bottleneck
  Miao Yu and Wei Fan
4 Optimum Capacity of Freeways: A Stochastic Approach
  Soheil Sohrabi; and Alireza Ermagun
5 Managing Day-to-Day Network Traffic Evolution via an Altering Ex-Post Information Release Strategy
  Wenyi Zhang; H. Michael Zhang; Wei Guan; and Xuedong Yan
6 Land Development and Traffic Composition at Rural Interstate Highway Interchanges in Ohio
  Benjamin R. Sperry; Shah Mahmood; and Bhaven Naik
7 Improved Railway Track Geometry Degradation Modeling for Tamping Cycle Prediction
  Ru An; Quanxin Sun; Futian Wang; Wenfei Bai; Xingyong Zhu; and Rengkui Liu
8 Designing a Time Limited–Parking Management Plan for Large-Scale Parking Lots
  Cheng Cheng; Yuxiong Ji; Yafeng Yin; Yuchuan Du; and Lijun Sun
9 Crash Prediction Model for Basic Freeway Segments Incorporating Influence of Road Geometrics and Traffic Signs
  Lai Zhen; Jinwei Sun; and Xianghai Meng

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