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Journal of Bridge Engineering (Vol. 24, Issue 8 2019)

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Daftar Isi "Journal of Bridge Engineering" (Vol. 24, Issue 8, 2019)




Cable Structures in Bridge Engineering


Dongzhou Huang and Wei-zhen Chen


Comparative Seismic Fragility Assessment of an Existing Isolated Continuous Bridge Retrofitted with Different Energy Dissipation Devices


Nailiang Xiang and M. Shahria Alam


Efficient Two-Way Shear Grillage Model Solution for Bridge RC Four-Pile Caps under Wall Loading


Jing Cao, Alan G. Bloodworth and Ming Xu


Self-Suction-and-Jet Control in Flow Regime and Unsteady Force for a Single Box Girder


Guan-Bin Chen, Liang-Quan Zhang, Wen-Li Chen, Dong-Lai Gao, Wen-Han Yang and Hui Li


Modeling Damage and Failure in Pretensioned Concrete Girders Fabricated with Large-Diameter Strands


Roya Alirezaei Abyaneh, Jessica Salazar, Alex Katz, Hyun su Kim, Hossein Yousefpour, Trevor Hrynyk and Oguzhan Bayrak


Performance of Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Bridge Columns Subjected to Vehicle Collision


Dikshant Saini and Behrouz Shafei


Automating Data Collection for Robotic Bridge Inspections


Stephen Phillips and Sriram Narasimhan


Experimental and Numerical Investigations on Seismic Behavior of Prefabricated Bridge Columns with UHPFRC Bottom Segments


Yuye Zhang, Wei Fan, Yong Zhai and Wancheng Yuan


Temperature Gradients in Bridge Concrete I-Girders under Heat Wave


Ryan Hagedorn, José R. Martí-Vargas, Canh N. Dang, W. Micah Hale and Royce W. Floyd


Tensile Behavior and Cost-Efficiency Evaluation of ASTM A1010 Steel for Bridge Construction


Sherif M. Daghash, Qindan Huang and Osman E. Ozbulut


Roll Stiffness of Reinforced Neoprene Bearing Pads under Imposed Skew and Slope Angles


Megan (Salvetti) Beery, Eduardo S. Torres, Jeffrey M. Honig, Gary R. Consolazio and H. R. Hamilton


Shaking Table Tests of Post-Tensioned Rocking Bridge with Double-Column Bents


Yu-Long Zhou, Qiang Han, Xiu-Li Du and Zhen-lei Jia


Computer Modeling and Weight Limit Analysis for Bridge Structure Fatigue Using OpenSEES


Lu Deng, Wangchen Yan and Shaofan Li


Bending and Buckling Behavior of Hollow-Core FRP–Concrete–Steel Columns


Mohanad M. Abdulazeez, Mohamed A. ElGawady and Omar I. Abdelkarim


Residual Strength of Cable Stay Strands from Blast Qualification


Justin M. Ocel, Jason Provines, Vincent P. Charito and Gregory M. Jizba


Development of Traffic Live-Load Models for Bridge Superstructure Rating with RBDO and Best Selection Approach


Sasan Siavashi and Christopher D. Eamon


Aerodynamic Response of a Bridge Girder Segment during Lifting Construction Stage


Fuyou Xu, Haiyan Yu and Mingjie Zhang


Bridge Influence Line Identification Based on Regularized Least-Squares QR Decomposition Method


Xu Zheng, Dong-Hui Yang, Ting-Hua Yi, Hong-Nan Li and Zhi-Wei Chen


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