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Journal of Bridge Engineering (Vol. 23, Issue 7, 2018)

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Daftar Isi "Journal of Bridge Engineering"  (Vol. 23, Issue 7, 2018)

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1 Conceptual Design of a New Three-Tower Cable-Stayed Bridge System with Unequal-Size Fans
  Xudong Shao; Fuhao Deng; and Lu Deng
2 Damage Mechanism of Control Springs in Modular Expansion Joints of Long-Span Bridges
  Tong Guo; Lingyu Huang; Jie Liu; and Yi Zou
3 Determining the Middle Tower Stiffness Value in an In-Plane Double-Cable Triple-Tower Suspension Bridge
  Xiulan Wang; and Shengbo Chai
4 Factors Derived from Tests for Fatigue Evaluation of Typical North American Steel Railway Bridges
  Robert A. P. Sweeney
5 Fatigue Performance Analysis of Damaged Steel Beams Strengthened with Prestressed Unbonded CFRP Plates
  Huawen Ye; Cuijuan Li; Shiling Pei; Thomas Ummenhofer; and Haobo Qu
6 Fatigue Strength Upgrading of Cover Plate Ends by Welded Extensions in Existing Steel Bridge Girders
  Vasileios Grigoriou; Alain Nussbaumer; and Dimitrios G. Lignos
7 Vehicle Weight Limits and Overload Permit Checking Considering the Cumulative Fatigue Damage of Bridges
  Lu Deng and Wangchen Yan
8 Suppression of Bridge Vibration Induced by Moving Vehicles Using Pounding Tuned Mass Dampers
  Xinfeng Yin; Y. Liu; G. Song ; and Y. L. Mo
9 Stress Distributions in Girder-Arch-Pier Connections of Long-Span Continuous Rigid Frame Arch Railway Bridges
  Hongye Gou; Hao Long; Yi Bao, Aff.M; Genda Chen; Qianhui Pu; and Rui Kang
10 Shear Capacity of T-Section Girders Made of Reactive Powder Concrete
  Wenyu Ji; Wangwang Li; Mingzhe An; and Li Zhu
11 Shake Table Studies and Analysis of a Precast Two-Column Bent with Advanced Materials and Pocket Connections
  Alireza Mohebbi; M. Saiid Saiidi; and Ahmad M. Itani
12 Rectangular Footing Dimensions to Develop the Plastic Moment Capacity of RC Bridge Columns
  J. Paul Smith-Pardo and Francisco A. Galvis
13 Performance of CFRP-Strengthened Concrete Bridge Girdersunder Combined Live Load and Hydrocarbon Fire
  Eyosias Beneben; and Nur Yazdani
14 Parameterized Fragility Assessment of Bridges Subjected to Pier Scour and Vehicular Loads
  Sabarethinam Kameshwar; and Jamie E. Padgett
15 New Representative Temperature for Performance Alarming of Bridge Expansion Joints through Temperature-Displacement Relationship
  Hai-Bin Huand; Ting-Hua Yi, Aff.M; Hong-Nan Li; and Hua Liu
16 Medieval Arch Bridges in the Lanzo Valleys, Italy: Case Studies on Incremental Structural Analysis and Fracturing Benefit
  Federico Accornero; Giuseppe Lacidogna; and Alberto Carpinteri
17 Framework of Practical Performance Evaluation and Concept of Interface Design for Bridge Deck–Wave Interaction
  Peng Yuan; Guoji Xu; Qin Chen; and C. S. Cai

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