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Journal of Bridge Engineering (Vol. 23, Issue 6, 2018)

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1 Automated Acoustic Scanning System for Delamination Detection in Concrete Bridge Decks
  Hongbin Sun; Jinying Zhu; and Suyun Ham
2 Time-Frequency-Based Data-Driven Structural Diagnosis and Damage Detection for Cable-Stayed Bridges
  Hong Pan; Mohsen Azimi; Fei Yan; and Zhibin Lin
3 Safety Assessment of Continuous Beam Bridges under Overloaded Customized Transport Vehicle Load
  Wanshui Han; Yangguang Yuan; Xiao Chen Qing Xie; Guangzhong Gao; and Jingfeng Zhang
4 NC-UHPC Composite Structure for Long-Term Creep-Induced Deflection Control in Continuous Box-Girder Bridges
  Yang Zhang; Ping Zhu; Yanping Zhu; Chao Bao; Xudong Shao; and Janqun Shi
5 Modeling Corrosion in Suspension Bridge Main Cables. II: Long-Term Corrosion and Remaining Strength
  Efe Karanci and Raimondo Betti
6 Live Load Distribution and Dynamic Amplification on a Curved Prestressed Concrete Transit Rail Bridge
  Easa Khan; John A. Lobo; and Daniel G. Linzell
7 Lap-Spliced Rebar Connections with UHPC Closures
  Zachary B. Haber; and Benjamin A. Graybeal
8 HyFRC Bridge Piers with Different Detailing at Pier–Foundation Interface
  Needhi Kotoky; Sajal K. Deb; and Anjan Dutta
9 Full-Response Prediction of Coupled Long-Span Bridges and Traffic Systems under Spatially Varying Seismic Excitations
  Yufen Zhou; and Suren Chen
10 Experimental and Numerical Study of Lateral Cable Rupture in Cable-Stayed Bridges: Case Study
  Vu Hoang; Osamu Kiyomiya; and Tongxiang An
11 Displacement-Based Seismic Design of Steel, FRP, and SMA Cable Restrainers for Isolated Simply Supported Bridges
  Shuai Li; Farshad Hedayati Dezfuli; Jing-Quan Wang; and M. Shahria Alam

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