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Journal of Bridge Engineering (Vol. 23, Issue 5, 2018)

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Daftar Isi "Journal of Bridge Engineering"  (Vol. 23, Issue 5, 2018)

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1 Time-Dependent Effect of Corrosion on the Mechanical Characteristics of Stay Cable
  Huahuai Sun; Jun Xu; Weizhen Chen; and Jianxi Yang
2 Shaking Table Testing of Segmental Hollow-Core FRP-Concrete-Steel Bridge Columns
  Ayman Moustafa; and Mohamed A. ElGawady
3 Residual Capacity of Mainshock-Damaged Precast-Bonded Prestressed Segmental Bridge Deck under Vertical Earthquake Ground Motions
  Mohammad Khanmohammadi and Hossein Kharrazi
4 Reliability Evaluation of Vortex-Induced Vibration for a Long-Span Arch Bridge
  Lingyao Li; Teng Wu; Xuhui He; Jianming Hao; Hanfeng Wang; and Hanyong Xu
5 Regression-Based Adjustment Factor to Better Estimate Shear Capacity for Load-Rating Simple Span PC Girders
  Alaa I. Chehab; and Christopher D. Eamon
6 Primary Bond Mechanism Behavior of Posttensioned 7-Wire Strand during Load Exposition
  Jan Laco
7 Prediction of Solitary Wave Forces on Coastal Bridge Decks Using Artificial Neural Networks
  Guoji Xu; Qin Chen; and Jianhua Chen
8 Mechanistic Deterioration Modeling for Bridge Design and Management
  Kyle Nickless and Rebecca A. Atadero
9 Investigation of the Live-Load Effects on Long-Span Bridges under Traffic Flows
  Yufen Zhou; and Suren Chen
10 Integrated Superstructure-Substructure Load Rating for Bridges with Foundation Movements
  Nathan T. Davis; Ehssan Hoomaan; Masoud Sanayei;Anil K. Agrawal; and Farrokh (Frank) Jalinoos
11 Fatigue Behavior Evaluation of Full-Field Hangers in a Rigid Tied Arch High-Speed Railway Bridge: Case Study
  Wen Zhong; You-liang Ding; Yong-sheng Son; and Han-wei Zhao

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