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Journal of Bridge Engineering (Vol. 23, Issue 4, 2018)

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Daftar Isi "Journal of Bridge Engineering"  (Vol. 23, Issue 4, 2018)

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1 Aerodynamic Interference Mechanism of Moving Vehicles on a Bridge Deck in Crosswind Environment
  Lin Ma; Xin Chen; Jun Wu; and Wanshui Han
2 Assessment of the Structural Damping Required to Prevent Galloping of Dry HDPE Stay Cables Using the Quasi-Steady Approach
  C. Demartino; and F. Ricciardelli
3 Validation of OpenSees for Tsunami Loading on Bridge Superstructures
  Minjie Zhu; Ibrahim Elkhetali; and Michael H. Scott
4 Shape Optimization of UHPC Shear Keys for Precast, Prestressed, Adjacent Box-Girder Bridges
  Husam H. Hussein; Shad M. Sargand; and Eric P. Steinberg
5 Review of Inspection, Evaluation and Maintenance of Suspension Bridges, and Inspection, Evaluation and Maintenance of Suspension Bridges: Case Studies edited by Sreenivas Alampalli and William J. Moreau
  Anil K. Agrawal;Barney T. Martin Jr
6 Prestressed Box Girder Bridge Strengthened by an Internal Tubular Arch
  Jan G. Teigen
7 Multistage Indicial Functions and Postflutter Simulation of Long-Span Bridges
  Zhitian Zhang
8 Lateral Stability of Vehicles Crossing a Bridge during an Earthquake
  Dionysius M. Siringoringo; and Yozo Fujino
9 Full-Scale Specimen Testing and Parametric Studies on Tensile-Plate Cable-Girder Anchorages in Cable-Stayed Bridges with Steel Girders
  Xing Wei; Lin Xiao; and Zijian Wang
10 Experimental Verification of a Substructure-Based Model to Describe Pedestrian–Bridge Interaction
  Daniel Gomez; Shirley J. Dyke; and Shirley Rietdyk
11 Elastic-to-Plastic Strut-and-Tie Model for Deep Beams
  Linyun Zhou; Zhao Liu; and Zhiqi He
12 Cyclic Behavior of Corroded Fuse-Type Dissipaters for Posttensioned Rocking Bridges
  Kaveh Andisheh; Royce Liu; Alessandro Palermo; and Allan Scott
13 Cold Reinforcement and Evaluation of Steel Bridges with Fatigue Cracks
  Chun-sheng Wang; Mu-sai Zhai; Lan Duan; and Yu-zhu Wang

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