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Journal of Bridge Engineering (Vol. 23, Issue 3, 2018)

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1 Behavior and Fatigue Performance of Details in an Orthotropic Steel Bridge with UHPC-Deck Plate Composite System under In-Service Traffic Flows
  Zhiwen Zhu; Tao Yuan; Ze Xiang; Yan Huang; Y. Edward Zhou; and Xudong Shao
2 Calculating Vortex-Induced Vibration of Bridge Decks at Different Mass-Damping Conditions
  Kun Xu; Yaojun Ge; Lin Zhao; and Xiuli Du
3 Coupled Effects of Concrete Shrinkage, Creep, and Cracking on the Performance of Postconnected Prestressed Steel-Concrete Composite Girders
  Teng Tong; Qiang Yu; and Qingtian Su
4 Effect of Subduction Earthquake-Based Loading History on Substandard RC Square Columns
  Selamawit Mehary; Peter Dusicka; and Ramiro Bazaez
5 Effectiveness of Negative Stiffness System in the Benchmark Structural-Control Problem for Seismically Excited Highway Bridges
  Hong-Nan Li; Tong Sun; Zhilu Lai; and Satish Nagarajaiah
6 Updating Multiscale Model of a Long-Span Cable-Stayed Bridge
  Feng-Yang Wang; You-Lin Xu; Bin Sun; and Qing Zhu
7 Structural Response of Plan-Curved Steel I-Girder Bridges from an Equivalent Straight Bridge Analysis
  Ricardo Alvarez-Acosta, Aff.M; and Jesús Valdes-González
8 Review of Risk Management in Civil Infrastructure by Mohammed M. Ettouney and Sreenivas Alampalli
  Anil K. Agrawal
9 Modeling for Assessment of Long-Term Behavior of Prestressed Concrete Box-Girder Bridges
  Haidong Huang; Shan-Shan Huang; and Kypros Pilakoutas
10 Live-Load Testing and Long-Term Monitoring of the Varina-Enon Bridge: Investigating Thermal Distress
  Marc Maguire; Carin Roberts-Wollmann; and Tommy Cousins
11 Live Load Distribution Factors for Moment in NEXT Beam Bridges
  Jianwei Huang; and Jonathan Davis
12 Fiber Optic Sensors and Digital Image Correlation for Measuring Deformations in Reinforced Concrete Beams
  M. Mehdi Mirzazadeh; and Mark F. Green
13 Feasible Range for Midtower Lateral Stiffness in Three-Tower Suspension Bridges
  Hongyou Cao; Xudong Qian; Yunlai Zhou; Zhijun Chen; and Hongping Zhu
14 Failure Analysis on a Curved Girder Bridge Collapse under Eccentric Heavy Vehicles Using Explicit Finite Element Method: Case Study
  Xuefei Shi; Zhen Cao; Haiying Ma; and Xin Ruan
15 Efficacy of Interpolation-Enhanced Schemes in Random Wind Field Simulation over Long-Span Bridges
  Tianyou Tao; Hao Wang; Chengyuan Yao; Xuhui He; and Ahsan Kareem

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