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Journal of Bridge Engineering (Vol. 23, Issue 10, 2018)

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Daftar Isi "Journal of Bridge Engineering"  (Vol. 23, Issue 10, 2018)

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1 Analytical Approach for Seismic Performance of Extended Pile-Shafts
  Mehdi Heidari and M. Hesham El Naggar
2 Axial–Shear–Flexure Interaction Behavior of Joints in Precast Concrete Segmental Bridge Columns
  Guoping Li; Hao Hu; and Songhua Zhao
3 Bridge Deterioration Quantification Protocol Using UAV
  Luis Duque; Junwon Seo; and James Wacker
4 Calibrating Pedestrian-Bridge Standards for Vibration Serviceability
  P. Dey, Aff.M.; S. Narasimhan; and S. Walbridge
5 Closure to “Impact of Heavy Freight Railcar on the Remaining Fatigue Life of Centenarian Railway Bridges” by Peng Lou, Hani Nassif, and Dan Su
  Peng Lou;Hani Nassif;Dan Su
6 Continuum Model for Static and Dynamic Analysis of Suspension Bridges with a Floating Girder
  Sun-Gil Gwon; and Dong-Ho Choi
7 Discussion of “Impact of Heavy Freight Railcar on the Remaining Fatigue Life of Centenarian Railway Bridges” by Peng Lou, Hani Nassif, and Dan Su
  Stephen Dick
8 Electrochemical Characterization of Steel Bridge Welds under Simulated Durability Test
  Qusay Al-Kaseasbeh; Zhibin Lin; Yechun Wang; Fardad Azarmi; and Xiaoning Qi
9 Erratum for “Reliability Evaluation of Vortex-Induced Vibration for a Long-Span Arch Bridge” by Lingyao Li, Teng Wu, Xuhui He, Jianming Hao, Hanfeng Wang, and Hanyong Xu
  Lingyao Li;Teng Wu;Xuhui He;Jianming Hao
10 Sustainability-Informed Bridge Ranking under Scour Based on Transportation Network Performance and Multiattribute Utility
  Liang Liu; Dan M. Frangopol; Alysson Mondoro; and David Y. Yang
11 Reduction of Seismic Acceleration Parameters for Temporary Bridge Design
  Conor Stucki and Michel Bruneau
12 Performance Assessment Using Structural Analysis and Spatial Measurement of a Damaged Suspension Bridge: Case Study of Twantay Bridge, Myanmar
  Koji Matsumot; Carlos Arturo Linan Panting; Nuntikorn Kitratporn; Wataru Takeuchi; Kohei Nagai; and Eiji Iwasaki
13 Monitoring, Modeling, and Assessment of a Self-Sensing Railway Bridge during Construction
  Liam J. Butler; Weiwei Lii; Jinlong Xu; Niamh Gibbons; Mohammed Z. E. B. Elshafie; and Campbell R. Middleton
14 Monitoring an In-Service Railway Bridge with a Distributed Fiber Optic Strain Sensing System
  Kyle Van Der Kooi; Neil A. Hoult; and Hoat Le
15 Mechanical Behavior of Steel–HFRC Composite Girders
  He Yu Liang; Xiang Yi Qiang; Liu Li Si; and Yang Ying
16 Mechanical Behavior of Prefabricated Composite Box Girders with Corrugated Steel Webs under Static Loads
  Boshan Zhang; Weizhen Chen; and Jun Xu
17 Fine Temperature Effect Analysis–Based Time-Varying  Dynamic Properties Evaluation of Long-Span Suspension Bridges in Natural Environments
  Qingling Meng and Jinsong Zhu
18 Fatigue Damage Evaluation of Orthotropic Steel Deck Considering Weld Residual Stress Relaxation Based on Continuum Damage Mechanics
  Chuang Cui; Qinghua Zhang; Yi Bao, Aff.M.; Yizhi Bu; and Zhongtao Ye
19 Fatigue Crack Detection Using Unmanned Aerial Systems in Fracture Critical Inspection of Steel Bridges
  Sattar Dorafshan; Robert J. Thomas; and Marc Maguire
20 Experimental Performance of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Bridge Deck
  Joshua A. McMahon and Anna C. Birely

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