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Journal of Bridge Engineering (Vol 22, Issue 6, 2017)

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1 Importance of Static Correction and Damping in the Analysis of a Cable-Stayed Bridge Subjected to Displacement Loading
  Çağlayan Hızal and Gürsoy Turan
2 Simplified Displacement Loading Patterns for Incorporation of Spatially Variable Ground Motions in Bridge Seismic Design Codes
  M. R. Falamarz-Sheikhabadi and A. Zerva
3 Fatigue Load Model Using the Weigh-in-Motion System for Highway Bridges in China
  Yang Liu, et al.
4 Stress Analysis of Linear Elastic Nonprismatic Concrete-Encased Beams with Corrugated Steel Webs
  Man Zhou, Zhao Liu, Jiandong Zhang and Hiromichi Shirato
5 Impact of Spatial Variability Parameters on Seismic Fragilities of a Cable-Stayed Bridge Subjected to Differential Support Motions
  Jian Zhong, Jong-Su Jeon, Wancheng Yuan and Reginald DesRoches
6 Simplified Expression of Hydrodynamic Pressure on Deepwater Cylindrical Bridge Piers during Earthquakes
  Hui Jiang, et al.
7 Experimental Verification of the Feasibility of a Novel Prestressed Reactive Powder Concrete Box-Girder Bridge Structure
  Xudong Shao, et al.
8 Fatigue Performance of Roof and U-Rib Weld of Orthotropic Steel Bridge Deck with Different Penetration Rates
  Zhongqiu Fu, Bohai Ji, Chengyi Zhang and Qiudong Wang
9 Effective and Fine Analysis for Temperature Effect of Bridges in Natural Environments
  Jinsong Zhu and Qingling Meng
10 Using Dynamic Responses of Moving Vehicles to Extract Bridge Modal Properties of a Field Bridge
  Xuan Kong, C. S. Cai, Lu Deng and Wei Zhang
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