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Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering (Vol.144, issue 9, 2018)

Create: 11-10-2018

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1 Characteristic Behavior of Drained and Undrained Triaxial Compression Tests: DEM Study
  H. B. K. Nguyen; M. M. Rahman; and A. B. Fourie
2 Comparison of Cushioning Mechanisms between Cellular Glass and Gabions Subjected to Successive Boulder Impacts
  C. W. W. Ng; Y. Su; C. E. Choi; D. Song; C. Lam;J. S. H. Kwan; R. Chen; and H. Liu
3 Durability, Strength, and Stiffness of Green Stabilized Sand
  Nilo Cesar Consoli; Daniel Winter; Helena Batista Leon; and Hugo Carlos Scheuermann Filho
4 Effect of Vibro Stone-Column Installation on the Performance of Reinforced Soil
  Kareem Al Ammari; and Barry G Clarke
5 Elastic Continuum Solution for Tunneling Effects on Buried Pipelines Using Fourier Expansion
  Assaf Klar
6 Empirical Correlation for Estimating Shear-Wave Velocity from Cone Penetration Test Data for Banks Peninsula Loess Soils in Canterbury, New Zealand
  Christopher R. McGann; Brendon A. Bradley; and Seokho Jeong
7 Gradation-Dependent Thermal Conductivity of Sands
  Yang Xiao; Hanlong Liu; Bowen Nan; and John S. McCartney
8 Influence of Dense Granular Columns on the Performance of Level and Gently Sloping Liquefiable Sites
  Mahir Badanagki; Shideh Dashti; and Peter Kirkwood
9 Influence of Under Sleeper Pads on Ballast Behavior Under Cyclic Loading: Experimental and Numerical Studies
  Sinniah K. Navaratnarajah; Buddhima Indraratna; and Ngoc Trung Ngo
10 Investigation of Spatial Scale Effects on Suffusion Susceptibility
  Chuheng Zhong; Van Thao Le; Fateh Bendahmane; Didier Marot; and Zhen-Yu Yin
11 Lateral Vibration of Helical and Driven Steel Piles Installed in Clayey Soil
  Mohamed Elkasabgy; and M. Hesham El Naggar
12 Measuring Soil-Water Density by Helium Pycnometer
  Chao Zhang; and N. Lu
13 Nonisothermal Models for Soil–Water Retention Curve
  Farshid Vahedifard; Toan Duc Cao; Sannith Kumar Thota; and Ehsan Ghazanfari
14 Numerical Investigation of Novel Spudcan Shapes for Easing Spudcan-Footprint Interactions
  M. J. Jun; Y. H. Kim; M. S. Hossain; M. J. Cassidy;Y. Hu; and J. W. Sim
15 Statistical Model for Dam-Settlement Prediction and Structural-Health Assessment
  Fj ´ ola G. Sigtryggsd´ ottir; J´onas Th´ or Snæbjörnsson; and Lars Grande
16 Suitability of Different Approaches for Analyzing and Predicting the Behavior of Decomposed Volcanic Rocks
  I. A. Okewale and M. R. Coop
17 Undrained Behavior of Sand–Structure Interfaces Subjected to Cyclic Torsional Shearing
  Alejandro Martinez; and J. David Frost
18 Upper-Bound Limit Analysis of Unsaturated Soil Slopes under Rainfall
  Wengui Huang; Eng-Choon Leong; and Harianto Rahardjo
19 Wave-Induced Dynamic Response in a Poroelastic Seabed
  Guocai Wang; Shengli Chen; Qianqian Liu; and Yong Zhang

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