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Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering (Vol.144, issue 8, 2018)

Create: 11-10-2018

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1 Dynamic Analysis of Pile Foundation Embedded in Homogeneous Soil Using Cone Model
  Amar Sankar Pal and Dilip Kumar Baidya
2 Effects of Cyclic Intermediate Principal Stress on the Deformation of Saturated Clay
  Chuan Gu; Zhiqiang Gu; Yuanqiang Cai; Jun Wang; and Quanyang Dong
3 Efficiency of Open and Infill Trenches in Mitigating Ground-Borne Vibrations
  Tulika Bose; Deepankar Choudhury; Julian Sprengel; and Martin Ziegler
4 Evaluating Strategies to Improve Process Efficiency of Denitrification-Based MICP
  Vinh Phu Pham; Leon A. van Paassen;Wouter R. L. van der Star; and Timo J. Heimovaara
5 Evaluation of Seismic Slope Displacements Based on Fully Coupled Sliding Mass Analysis and NGA-West2 Database
  Wenqi Du; Gang Wang; and Duruo Huang
6 Generalized Equation for Soil Shrinkage Curve
  Pan Chen and Ning Lu
7 Influences of Suction on Plate Load Testson Unsaturated Silty Sands
  Yi Tang; Thanh Vo; Hossein A. Taiebat; and Adrian R. Russell
8 Modeling Geologic Profiles Incorporating Interlayer and Intralayer Variabilities
  X. Y. Li; L. M. Zhang; H. Zhu; and J. H. Li
9 Numerical Simulation of Recent Stress-History Effectson Excavation Responses in Soft Clays
  Fuchen Teng; Luis G. Arboleda-Monsalve; and Richard J. Finno
10 Permanent Deformation of Track-Bed Materials at Various Inclusion Contents under Large Number of Loading Cycles
  Han-Lin Wang; Yu-Jun Cui; Francisco Lamas-Lopez; Jean-Claude Dupla;Jean Canou; Nicolas Calon; Gilles Saussine;Patrick Aimedieu; and Ren-Peng Chen
11 Simulation of Torsionally Loaded Deep Foundations Considering State-Dependent Load Transfer
  Qiang Li; and Armin W. Stuedlein
12 Statistics of Model Factors and Consideration in Reliability-Based Design of Axially Loaded Helical Piles
  Chong Tang and Kok-Kwang Phoon
13 Undrained Cyclic Behavior of Reconstituted Natural Pumiceous Sands
  Mohammad Sadeq Asadi; Mohammad Bagher Asadi;Rolando P. Orense; and Michael. J. Pender
14 Use of a Bearing Plate to Enhance the Lateral Capacity of Monopiles in Sand
  K. J. L. Stone; H. S. Arshi; and L. Zdravkovic

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