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Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering (Vol.144, issue 7, 2018)

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1 Bearing Capacity of Shallow Footings in Simulated Lunar Environments Using Centrifuge Tests
  Hey-Rim Lee; Heon-Joon Park; and Dong-Soo Kim
2 Compression and Strength Characteristics of Two Silts of Low and High Plasticity
  Vassiliki N. Georgiannou; Matthew R. Coops;Fatin N. Altuhafi; and Demetrios I. Lefas
3 Effect of Temperature and Radial Displacement Cycles on Soil–Concrete Interface Properties Using Modified Thermal Borehole Shear Test
  Suguang Xiao; Muhannad T. Suleiman; Rehab Elzeiny;Clay Naito; Sudhakar Neti; and Mohammed Al-Khawaja
4 Equivalent Transport Parameters for Volatile Organic Compounds in Coextruded Geomembrane–Containing Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol
  Jongwan Eun; James M. Tinjum; Craig H. Benson; and Tuncer B. Edil
5 Improvement of Surface Erosion Resistance of Sand by Microbial Biopolymer Formation
  Soo-Min Ham; Ilhan Chang; Dong-Hwa Noh;Tae-Hyuk Kwon; and Balasingam Muhunthan
6 Large-Scale Triaxial Experiments on the Creep Behavior of a Saturated Rockfill Material
  Zhongzhi Fu; Shengshui Chen; and Beixiao Shi
7 Numerical Simulation of Deformation and Failure Behavior of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Bridge Abutments
  Yewei Zheng; Patrick J. Fox; and John S. McCartney
8 Role of Nonequilibrium Water Vapor Diffusion in Thermal Energy Storage Systems in the Vadose Zone
  T. Başer; Y. Dong; A. M. Moradi; K. Smits; S. Ge; D. Tartakovsky;and J. S. McCartney

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