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Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering (Vol.144, issue 6, 2018)

Create: 11-10-2018

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1 Apparent Contact Angle and Water Entry Head Measurements for Organo-Silane Modified Sand and Coal Fly Ash
  Matthew I. Keatts; John L. Daniels; William G. Langley;Miguel A. Pando; and Vincent O. Ogunro
2 Application of a Probabilistic Assessment of the Permanent Seismic Displacement of a Slope
  Yubing Wang; and Ellen M. Rathje
3 Estimation of Drained Shear Strength of Granular Soil from Shear Wave Velocity and Confining Stress
  Jin-Kwon Yoo; Duhee Park; and Christopher D. P. Baxter
3 Application of MLR Procedure for Prediction of Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spread Displacement
  T. Leslie Youd
4 Laboratory Investigation into Biodegradation of Jute Drains with Implications for Field Behavior
  Thanh Trung Nguyen; Buddhima Indraratna; and John Carter
5 Liquefaction Resistance and Steady-State Characterization of Shallow Soils within the Christchurch Central Business District
  Christopher S. Markham; Jonathan D. Bray; Misko Cubrinovski; and Michael F. Riemer
6 Long-Term Performance of Pile-Supported Ballastless Track-Bed at Various Water Levels
  Han-Lin Wang; Ren-Peng Chen; Shuai Qi; Wei Cheng; and Yu-Jun Cui
7 Sand Behavior under Stress States Involving Principal Stress Rotation
  Vassiliki N. Georgiannou; Maria Konstadinou; and Panayiotis Triantafyllos
8 Screening Tests to Limit Geomembrane Strain from Gravel Indentations
  R. W. I. Brachman; M. K. Eastman; and H. M. G. Eldesouky
9 Short-Term Hydraulic Conductivity and Consolidation Properties of Soil-Bentonite Backfills Exposed to CCR-Impacted Groundwater
  Y.-L. Yang; Krishna R. Reddy; Y.-J. Du; and R.-D. Fan
10 Three-Dimensional Slope Stability Analysis of Convex Turning Corners
  Fei Zhang; Dov Leshchinsky; Yufeng Gao; and Shangchuan Yang
11 Undrained Monotonic Shear Response of MICP-Treated Silty Sands
  A. Zamani; and B. M. Montoya

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