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Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering (Vol.144, issue 10, 2018)

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1 Axial and Radial Thermal Responses of a Field-Scale Energy Pile under Monotonic and Cyclic Temperature Changes
  Mohammed Faizal; Abdelmalek Bouazza; Chris Haberfield; and John S. McCartney
2 Considerations for the Mitigation of Earthquake-Induced Soil Liquefaction in Urban Environments
  Peter Kirkwood and Shideh Dashti
3 Influence of Prefabricated Vertical Drains on the Seismic Performance of Structures Founded on Liquefiable Soils
  Balaji Paramasivam; Shideh Dashti; and Abbie Liel
4 Kriging-Based Reliability Analysis of Strip Footings Resting on Spatially Varying Soils
  Tamara Al-Bittar; Abdul-Hamid Soubra; and Jawad Thajeel
5 Reactive Transport of Chemicals in Compacted Bentonite under Nonisothermal Water Infiltration
  Majid Sedighi; Hywel R. Thomas; and Philip J. Vardon
6 Site Response in a Layered Liquefiable Deposit: Evaluation of Different Numerical Tools and Methodologies with Centrifuge Experimental Results
  Jenny Ramirez; Andres R. Barrero; Long Chen;Shideh Dashti; Alborz Ghofrani; Mahdi Taiebat;and Pedro Arduino
7 Synthetic Mining Solutions for Laboratory Testing of Geosynthetic Clay Liners
  Shahin Ghazizadeh; Christopher A. Bareither;Joseph Scalia; and Charles D. Shackelford
8 Work-Based Framework for Sample Quality Evaluation of Low Plasticity Soils
  Jason T. DeJong; Christopher P. Krage; Brian M. Albin;and Don J. DeGroot

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Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering (Vol.144, issue 10, 2018) | Perpustakaan Pusjatan


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